In Search of the Golden Tankard

All aboard! All aboard! shouted the captain of *The Scab*. The cut-throat crew staggered rushed onto the ship, fighting for a place at the bar front of the ship. The first one to spot Barnacle Bills island gets a knuckle sandwich bag of gold, shouted the first mate and first drink from the golden tankard.

The Scab
The Scab

The Golden Tankard was known to have the magical power of never running dry of rum and beer, which was the dream of every old soak sea-dog that had sailed the seven seas. Most of the crew had only been on a pedalo cargo boat, delivering coal fine goods around the world, so this was the adventure of a lifetime and a chance to get plastered rich.

Vast amounts of food and drink were hoisted aboard and within the hour, The Scab set sail with a soft and useless fierce and manly crew. The Scab sailed out of the harbour and everyone threw up started to sing in a nautical way and dance Ha! the sailors hornpipe.

Twas on the second day that someone shouted are we there yet? “There she be” and the crew jumped into the lifeboats and headed for shore,trying not to listen to the mercats racket songs and the snapping crocodiles. As the boats landed, dozens of sad old pirates stormed the island and fought their way to the cave full of old washing. There they found the Golden Tankard on top of a pile of treasure. A jolly good party was had by all, with many a Yo-Ho-Hos and several dozen bottles of rum.