Anipal PowWow 2014

*Peace on the Prairie*

There was a strange sort of calm across the prairie and the moon  was full and bright. You could hear the sound of buffaloes parping grazing and coyotes  howling in the distance, a perfect evening for revitalising the soul.



Fortunately anipals, don’t care about things like that, so when the cranky  WildThingFoxyLady arrived gal lumping galloping across to the camp fire, they had with them a vat pan of baked beans specially thrown together prepared with any old rubbish tender beans in a radioactive tomato sauce. Everyone enjoyed a huge plateful and some folks Mr Pie and Jaffa went back for seconds. From then on, they was a rootin and a tootin all night. Almost put the fire out.

It was the annual #powwow 2014 gathering of anipals all dressed as idiots cowboys and Indian coming together as fellow brethren, for a right good knees up cultural get together. Dogs, cats, turtles, birds, no end of peculiar lovely anipals getting drunk breaking bread and wind with each other and passing the nip pipe of  peace around.

Songs were sung, games were played and in the nearby saloon a few folks joined in a game of strip poker. The Sheriff and his men were useless excellent at keeping the peace, being drunk watchful all evening and taking it in turns to read the good book to those unconscious folks in need.

The camp settled down to a good nights snoring & parping sleep all gathered around the camp fire, ending another ridiculous wonderful annual Powwow adventure.

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