A Christmas Carol

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…to view “A Christmas Carol Pantomime in Rhyme”, for a special festive laugh. #wlfCarol


Use the button above to begin this sad but happy tale of a miserly old mog named Scrooge, who thought more of his money than his Twitter pals.

The classic Dickensian yarn features a cast of anipals from Twitter and has been painstakingly retold in pictures and rhyme for those of you with good taste and a sophisticated sense of humour.  Although if you are crass and unsophisticated, you’re welcome too.  As it’s Christmas. x

The Cast

Scrooge @Cat_Weasel
Bob Cratchit @Mia_Manu
Jacob Marley @mnummy_maggot
The Ghost of Christmas Past @Thor_Selfies
The Ghost of Christmas Present @MrMoustacheCat
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come @BarbaraBpiwetz
Tiny Tim @Lazlovely
Mr & Mrs Fezziwig @The_Tardis_Toms
Fred @BeansyKitty
Mrs Cratchit @SantasCat
Belle @Mia_Manu
Narrator @Mr_Pie