A Chat with Cat Weasel

And for those of you who’ve been waiting for it, here’s the other half of the Wheezygob duo… CatWeasel. Find out what makes him tick in this ten question interview:


What’s the best thing about being a cat?

Everything, obviously, cats are just pawsome! You get to sleep a lot and get waited on paw and foot by staff.

Who’s your favourite performer?

Well, the great George Formby, is obviously my biggest influence. He is the master of the ukelelelele.

Would you ever steal from the fridge?

If there was chicken, I may well be tempted…

Eating or sleeping. Which d’you like best?

Oh, that’s difficult, I think some Dreamies followed by a good sleep would be hard to beat.

If you were a biscuit, which kind would you be?

A Bourbon

Do you think the queen should have cats rather than dogs?

Clearly, as we are divine, I think the Queen should BE a cat.

What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had?

That has to be my Da bird toy with Da Mousey attachment, it’s pure joy on a stick!

If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?

Where no one would look!

Do you have a message for your fans?

You’re the best fans in the world! Effurything Wheezy Gob do, we do for you!

What’s your definition of happiness?

Sleeping under my blankie after an evening chatting to my pals on Twitter & singing Wheezy Gob songs with my panfur pal Goblin.

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