Easter Pawrade 2019 – Bird Box Bonnets

This is Santa's Cat in her Easter bonnetSpring is in the air, Easter’s around the corner, and this is the year of the Bird Box Bonnets.  Keep an eye on #birdboxes and  #easterpawrade

Welcome to this year’s Easter Bonnet Pawrade, starting at 8pm UK time 21st April 2019. As usual we all look gorgeous and the theme is Bird Boxes. I hope you enjoy the day and remember everyone is welcome to join in.

Here’s the gallery so far:

Flying With Santa

Here are the pictures of us all following Santa on Christmas Eve. Ain’t we gorgeous!

(Click/tap on the pic to see the biggest version.)

Oh what a sight on Christmas night!

For all those gone but not forgotten pals this Christmas, here is our remembrance tree:

The Remembrance Tree (Click/tap pic to view biggest image)

Interview with Stevie Evil Cat

This week Twitter pals, I took my life into my hands and went to interview @StevieEvilCat to enable you all to know the real Mog behind the insults. Secretly knowing that he adores me and loves to copy everything I do, I asked on your behalf, ten questions that I thought we would all like to hear the answers to. He was very accommodating and only set my hat on fire once – he was in a good mood. Below is a transcript of what was said.

Santa’s Cat on fire

1. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had?
I don’t celebrate Christmas, because I’m a bloody cat.

2. What makes you happy?
The end of this interview will be a good start.

3. If you could have an extra eye, where would you put it?
No, again, I’m a cat. These questions are stupid SC, I’m going to punch your nose off if things don’t improve.

4. Do you worry that cats one day will be replaced by robots?
You think there are people out there programming robots to vom’ up hairballs and clean their own bum with their tongues do you? Ridiculous. You have no brains SC, you’re basically a talking cushion cover.

5. Do you have a secret talent?
My are spectacular and you can’t see them, so in that respect they’re a hidden talent.

6. What do you want for Christmas this year?
As we’ve already established I’M A CAT, WHY WOULD I CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS YOU TINSEL OBSESSED IMBECILE. That said, I would like 87 hand, no, paw? No, hand grenades. I like to cover them in gravy and feed them to dogs.

7. How many of your nine lives have you used up and how?
I don’t use up lives I TAKE LIVES. So far I’ve murdered 2483 mice, 964 birds, 879 fish, 73 hamsters, 26 dogs, 5 men, 2 rhinos and a badger.

8. What’s the best thing about being a cat?
I am the best cat, yes, it’s good you noticed. Plus, I get to sleep 16 hours a day, walk around naked, murder whomever I choose, have free food and lodgings and spend most days nipped up to the eyeballs whilst punching passing mice.

9. What’s the loveliest-doveliest, cutsy-wootsiest thing about you?
My large intestine.

10. Do you think you might be possessed? (We do, hehehe!)
I am not controlled by an evil spirit, I AM AN EVIL SPIRIT. I’m done with these questions SC, I have a brand new badminton racket and a group of baby blue tits, or shuttlecocks as I like to call them, waiting for me in the grounds of my Lair. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Well folks, how enlightening was that!!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Stevie a bit better and appreciate how sweet and precious he is. What would we do without him?  Lots of cuddles for you Stevie,  I’m sure all your Twitter pals will send you big hugs too when they read this interview. Many thanks.

Stevie in the Jungle

Jungle Hat Gallery – Easter Pawrade 2018

This year for Easter my anipals and I are headed into the jungle, as we are all on a diet and there’s no chocolate there!  Our Easter bonnets have therefore been built to blend in.  Below are those I’ve done so far.  Keep popping back to see the latest creations…

Our online Easter Bonnet Parade takes place on Twitter every year, using the hashtag #easterpawrade.

Click/tap here to see the 2018 Easter finalists

A Christmas Carol

Click/Tap the Blue Buttons…

…to view “A Christmas Carol Pantomime in Rhyme”, for a special festive laugh. #wlfCarol


Use the button above to begin this sad but happy tale of a miserly old mog named Scrooge, who thought more of his money than his Twitter pals.

The classic Dickensian yarn features a cast of anipals from Twitter and has been painstakingly retold in pictures and rhyme for those of you with good taste and a sophisticated sense of humour.  Although if you are crass and unsophisticated, you’re welcome too.  As it’s Christmas. x

The Cast

Scrooge @Cat_Weasel
Bob Cratchit @Mia_Manu
Jacob Marley @mnummy_maggot
The Ghost of Christmas Past @Thor_Selfies
The Ghost of Christmas Present @MrMoustacheCat
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come @BarbaraBpiwetz
Tiny Tim @Lazlovely
Mr & Mrs Fezziwig @The_Tardis_Toms
Fred @BeansyKitty
Mrs Cratchit @SantasCat
Belle @Mia_Manu
Narrator @Mr_Pie

Tardis Time Travel to the Gold Rush – Mogbus 2017

The #mogbus crowd took something of an unusual trip in 2017 – a journey through time!  You can read all about it below but if you’re a fellow time-traveller, maybe you’d like to see if you can find yourself first, in Goldtown of the Wild West.

To enlarge, click/tap on the image below:

Goldtown, Wild West

Here’s how the trip went…

It was a fine start to the day when @The_Tardis_Toms crash landed in a puff of steam and smoke, in their Tardis, ready to take all our twitter pals on the #GoldRush day out. We all had our gear to pan for gold, shovels, picks,Whisky pans and plenty of baked beans to keep us all regular from getting hungry.

Entering the Tardis was like stepping back in time as the Toms had redecorated the inside like a real wild west dump saloon. Before long we were drunk off on our adventure, with the hopes of finding another saloon gold in them thar hills.

As we arrived the atmosphere was smelly electric, so much so, that we could hardly contain ourselves from throwing up opening the doors before we had landed. Thanks to Puddy and his Health & Safety rubbish advice we arrived without any accidents and bored ridged keen to race off for the loo gold.

The race was off with *Karen and the Freaky ferrets* leading the race, closely followed by a drunken mob *The Mouscateers*. At the back was *DebsDonna Mogs*, crawling racing along like a slug greyhounds after a tortoise hare. Before long, The *Mouscateers* were in the lead, ready to stake their claim to the best bit of swamp land that they could find.

Most of our twitter idiots pals worked like moles, digging away like mad things bulldozers in search of gold nuggets. @Mr_Pie seemed to find huge amounts of gold, as if by magic, just after he arrived back from robbing the bank. He claims to have opened an account. with the help of a gun.

What a jolly day we all had and what a lot of fools gold we found. Yet another ridiculous wonderful #mogbus trip to forget remember. I’m dreading looking forward to next years #jollydayout as I’m sure you all are too.
#goldrush This is the gallery so far.

Colouring for Cats (and Kids)

As you may know, we cats are extremely beautiful and talented.  We get up to all sorts of hobbies and have all kinds of skills.  Not only that, but we turn every activity into an art form.  Below are some cat-themed colouring in pages which clever kittens might enjoy.  If you have a human child, you may print these for them too.  Hopefully, they will help educate your young as to how marvellous cats are.

WINNERS of Easter Pawrade 2017

Yes, we’ve chosen this year’s most glamorous bonnets in the Easter Pawrade.  A HUGE thank you to our judge, Puddy (@mnummy_maggot) for all her umming and ahhing and endless decision-making.  Not to mention mountains of gratitude to all my twitter pals who made the day special.  You all looked spectacular!   The winners are below, in reverse order.  (Click on the pictures to read what the judge thought.)


Third place goes to:

Jes – 3rd Place


Joint-second place goes to:

Otto – Joint 2nd Place


Moet – Joint 2nd Place


Finally, first place goes to:

Molly the dog sporting her fantastic Easter bonnet
Molly – 1st Place

Easter Pawrade 2017

Hello there anipals and a happy Easter to you all!  Yet again, our annual Easter Pawrade is upon us and so are the hats upon our heads.  Here they are below.  You all look stunning – can you guess who the winners are?

Santa’s Cat’s Favourite Hats

Take a peek at my beautiful hats.  Proof that you can only dream of being as stylish as us cats.

More millinery marvels coming soon!