Submarine Search for the Lost City of Atlantis – MogBus 2018

A yellow submarine full of animals going on an adventure to Atlants

This years *Jolly Day Out* #mogsub trip took us on an exciting adventure under the ocean, looking for the allusive city of Atlantis. Fortunately,  my mate Mark the Shark reckons he knows where it is and not only that but he has a map.

Disregarding the map ( as Mark is totally unreliable and a compulsive liar) we all boarded the bright yellow Mogsub in our usual  (chaotic )  manner. Our two super hero captains Super Fudge and Super Smooch, ( played with all the red buttons) confidently switched on the engine and blew the horn to let everyone know that we were ready to cast off on our ( ridiculous) trip.



Cat Envelope Crafting Templates

Envelope template with a white, green-eyed cat design

We cats love to communicate, plus we’re so beautiful that you really should consider including pictures of us on all your rather dull human stationery.  With this in mind, we have created some cat-themed envelopes for your messages.  Just print, craft and be glad you have even more gorgeous cats in your life.

More coming soon!

Christmas on Ice – Skating Party 2014

Christmas in 2014 was a Christmas on Ice.  A magical time was had by all.  If you were there, you should be able to spot yourself in the picture below – just click/tap on it to enlarge:

Christmas Ice Dancing to the Wheeze & Big Gob Band

Here are some of the light-footed skaters who twirled their way through the evening.  (We won’t talk about the less light-footed ones who fell through the ice.)