A Book About Me!

A book about me!
A book about me!

Look what I found on Amazon.  It’s a picture book all about me.  Not free unfortunately, but not expensive either and I really enjoyed it.  It tells of how brave I am and what a great job I do of protecting all the Christmas presents each year.  Of course, I have always known I am a fantastic kitty – but this book proves it.  How nice that someone’s noticed at last!

Seriously, if you have any small children or are a big kid yourself, you’ll like this story as much as I did.  It says it’s aimed at four-year-olds but I, being a magical cat, am a few hundred years older than that and it still made me smile.  Well done authors.  Santa’s Cat gives your scribblings her seal of aproval.  And a meowy Christmas to you too.

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