Jungle Hat Gallery

This year for Easter my anipals and I are headed into the jungle, as we are all on a diet and there’s no chocolate there!  Our Easter bonnets have therefore been built to blend in.  Below are those I’ve done so far.  Keep popping back to see the latest creations…

Our online Easter Bonnet Parade takes place on Twitter every year, using the hashtag #easterpawrade.

In 2018 it is on 31st March 8PM GMT (UK time).



A Christmas Carol

Click/Tap the Blue Buttons…

…to view “A Christmas Carol Pantomime in Rhyme”, for a special festive laugh. #wlfCarol


Use the button above to begin this sad but happy tale of a miserly old mog named Scrooge, who thought more of his money than his Twitter pals.

The classic Dickensian yarn features a cast of anipals from Twitter and has been painstakingly retold in pictures and rhyme for those of you with good taste and a sophisticated sense of humour.  Although if you are crass and unsophisticated, you’re welcome too.  As it’s Christmas. x

The Cast

Scrooge @Cat_Weasel
Bob Cratchit @Mia_Manu
Jacob Marley @mnummy_maggot
The Ghost of Christmas Past @Thor_Selfies
The Ghost of Christmas Present @MrMoustacheCat
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come @BarbaraBpiwetz
Tiny Tim @Lazlovely
Mr & Mrs Fezziwig @The_Tardis_Toms
Fred @BeansyKitty
Mrs Cratchit @SantasCat
Belle @Mia_Manu
Narrator @Mr_Pie

Gold Rush

It was a fine start to the day when @The_Tardis_Toms crash landed in a puff of steam and smoke, in their Tardis, ready to take all our twitter pals on the #GoldRush day out. We all had our gear to pan for gold, shovels, picks,Whisky pans and plenty of baked beans to keep us all regular from getting hungry.

Entering the Tardis was like stepping back in time as the Toms had redecorated the inside like a real wild west dump saloon. Before long we were drunk off on our adventure, with the hopes of finding another saloon gold in them thar hills.

As we arrived the atmosphere was smelly electric, so much so, that we could hardly contain ourselves from throwing up opening the doors before we had landed. Thanks to Puddy and his Health & Safety rubbish advice we arrived without any accidents and bored ridged keen to race off for the loo gold.

The race was off with *Karen and the Freaky ferrets* leading the race, closely followed by a drunken mob *The Mouscateers*. At the back was *DebsDonna Mogs*, crawling racing along like a slug greyhounds after a tortoise hare. Before long, The *Mouscateers* were in the lead, ready to stake their claim to the best bit of swamp land that they could find.

Most of our twitter idiots pals worked like moles, digging away like mad things bulldozers in search of gold nuggets. @Mr_Pie seemed to find huge amounts of gold, as if by magic, just after he arrived back from robbing the bank. He claims to have opened an account. with the help of a gun.

What a jolly day we all had and what a lot of fools gold we found. Yet another ridiculous wonderful #mogbus trip to forget remember. I’m dreading looking forward to next years #jollydayout as I’m sure you all are too.
#goldrush This is the gallery so far.

WINNERS of Easter Pawrade 2017

Yes, we’ve chosen this year’s most glamorous bonnets in the Easter Pawrade.  A HUGE thank you to our judge, Puddy (@mnummy_maggot) for all her umming and ahhing and endless decision-making.  Not to mention mountains of gratitude to all my twitter pals who made the day special.  You all looked spectacular!   The winners are below, in reverse order.  (Click on the pictures to read what the judge thought.)


Third place goes to:

Jes – 3rd Place


Joint-second place goes to:

Otto – Joint 2nd Place


Moet – Joint 2nd Place


Finally, first place goes to:

Molly the dog sporting her fantastic Easter bonnet

Molly – 1st Place

Easter Pawrade 2017

Hello there anipals and a happy Easter to you all!  Yet again, our annual Easter Pawrade is upon us and so are the hats upon our heads.  Here they are below.  You all look stunning.

Mr Tibbs Interviews Santa’s Cat

Mr Tibbs - friend of Santa's Cat

Mr Tibbs

In the run up to Christmas my good friend, Mr Tibbs (@MrTibbsatAP or facebook.com/mrtibbsatAP) asked me for a bit of news about what it’s like being Santa’s cat at this time of year.

Before I go on though, I’d like to take a minute to wish Tibbsy a very meowy Christmas and a purrrrfect new year.

See you soon on Twitter old pal.


And now, here’s the latest on life at the North Pole from Santa’s Cat…

Santa's Cat at the North Pole

Santa’s Cat at the North Pole

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! I’ve had enough of Christmas. All the elves are running around, too busy to fuss me and give me my usual treats. There are presents everywhere, in the living room in the kitchen, in the hall and even on my favourite chair. As for the man himself, he’s so jolly it would test the patience of a Christmas angel. If I have to endure one more “Ho Ho Ho” disturbing my afternoon nap I shall be forced to move in with the reindeer.

Apologies to all who were looking forward to hearing a heart warming tale of life at Christmas House but you don’t have to live here. There are hundreds of fairies buzzing past all the time like a plague of mosquitoes, leaving clouds of fairy dust in their wake. There’s nothing like fairy dust for making you sneeze. It’s worse than hay fever! Then, there’s the continual noise of the reindeer. At this time of year, they spend their days practising landing on the roof. It makes a terrible racket – enough to drive a snoozing cat crazy. We cats need our sleep, humans and fairy folk should know better.

snowmanOutside it’s every bit as bad. The elves are forever building snowmen – and snowomen – who promptly come to life and dance around the garden until dawn. Whenever I set out on my nightly patrol, some dizzy young snowboy asks me to join him in a waltz or a Foxtrot or goodness knows what. I don’t dance. Especially with someone who has sticks instead of arms a carrot for a nose.

The magical creatures who turn up at all hours of the night and day also leave a lot to be desired. They sit in the kitchen nibbling all my favourite food without so much as a by your leave. The ogres are the worst. We get a lot of them at Christmas. They can smell the delicious treats in our larder come lumbering out of the mountains, looking for something to eat. Santa, being such a nice guy, always invites them in and they sit there like gobs of slimy stone wolfing down everything they can get their mitts on. Including my cat
food. Santa says we should all be kind to those less fortunate and I am – I hold open the door when they’re on the way out.

So. I expect you’re wondering why I stay. I mean, a warm, loving, cheerful cat such as myself is welcome anywhere. But there is one reason I remain. It’s the big man himself. He may berate me for licking the butter off his toast and chasing the Christmas fairies, but deep down he truly loves me. How do I know? Well, he takes me off the naughty list every Christmas Eve and in the morning I get a mountain of magical presents. As they always
say, it’s the giving that counts! 😉


In Memory of Lottie

Deaf Lottie

Deaf Lottie

Sadly today, our dear friend Deaf Lottie went OTRB. She was a character well loved and respected. Everyone knew her to be funny,  kind, tough as they come and always up for a party. Her driving had to be seen to be believed and if she was racing against you in her famous car, you would be taking your life in your hands if you tried to overtake her!

Bless you Lottie, enjoy the next part of your journey!

Interview With Wolfie

In celebration of Wolfie‘s recovery having had his leg amputated, I decided to interview such a brave panfur. Hope you enjoy it!

Wolfie - Our Brave Panfur

Wolfie – Our Brave Panfur

Are you totally recovered from your operation?

I am fully over the operation but have to a) build up my front leg & shoulder muscles now to compensate for just having the one andb) wait for my fur to grow back. They shaved lots of it off and it is quite chilly – specially in the snow! Brrr!!!


Have you got a special wish?

My special wish would be for all anipals to find a loving home but my extra specialist wish is that NO anipal will ever be pts because…they are homeless ever again!


What’s the most difficult thing about being a tripod?

The most difficult thing at the moment is I keep forgetting and try to move the leg I haven’t got…like when I first wake up!


Did you enjoy your Panfurs of the Caribbean adventure?

#PofC was the best adventure ever!!! I had so much fun and all my pals We all dressed up and it was just pawsome!


If you could change the colour of a giraffe,what colour would it be?

I think giraffes are cool but if I had to change their colour I would make them purple…cos I think they would be the only purple anipals on the planet!


What’s your favourite food to eat?

My favourite food is TUNA. Drools at thought!


Do you think a panfur should share the throne with the Queen?

No I don’t think..so, when we take over the world it will just confuse things!


What’s your favourite film?

My favourite film ever is Puss in Boots – he is my hero!


If you had to design a flag for the North Pole what would you put on it?

I would put … Santa’s Cat on the flag at the North Pole!


Do you have any advice for young panfurs?

All young panfurs need to know that they are the coolest of cats and therefore need to be…extra hard working & set a good example to all other cats everywhere! #PanfurPower



The Easter Bonnet Parade

Congratulations to our 2013 Easter Bonnet Parade winner: Jaffa



Jaffa was deemed to have the best Easter bonnet by our meowvellous judges.  It was a difficult decision among so many beautiful bonnets, which you can see in the gallery below.  Thanks to all who made the effort… and special gratitude to hatmakers Mikey, Mia and Manu.  Plus a big  thank you to Mr Pie for bringing it all together.


Hope All our pals in hats make you smile this Easter!