Colouring for Cats (and Kids)

As you may know, we cats are extremely beautiful and talented.  We get up to all sorts of hobbies and have all kinds of skills.  Not only that, but we turn every activity into an art form.  Below are some cat-themed colouring in pages which clever kittens might enjoy.  If you have a human child, you may print these for them too.  Hopefully, they will help educate your young as to how marvellous cats are.

Cat Colouring

For anyone with children or who, like me, is still a child at heart, I’ve decided to start a collection of cat colouring to post on this page.  Some will be public domain images I’ve come across on my travels around the internet… others people have given me… and others done with my own paws.  (All cats are brilliant artists of course.)

Anyway, feel free to browse, print and enjoy.


Cat-Themed Tarot Decks

Hello furry friends… I’m not particularly knowledgeable about tarot cards but I do love all things magical, for I am, of course, rather magical myself.  I also love everything with cats on.  So, for those of you who have an interest, here’s a lovely list of cat-themed tarot decks.  Enjoy.  (And if you have any other favourite cat cards, feel free to leave a comment below! x)

By the way, I don’t know any of these authors purrrsonally… though as I keep telling Santa, anyone who has taken the trouble to draw pictures of cats should definitely go on the Nice List.

Cat’s Eye Tarot
by Debra Givin


The Mystical Cats Tarot
by Lunaea Weatherstone, Mickie Mueller


Black Cats Tarot
by Maria Kurora


Tarot of Pagan Cats
by Lola Airaghi, Magdelina Messina


Marseille Cat Tarot
by Severino Baraldi


Bleu Cat Tarot
by Beth Seilonen


Tarot of White Cats
by Severino Baraldi


Medieval Cat Tarot
by Gina M. Pace, Lawrence Teng


Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot
by Karen Mahony, Alex Ukolov


A Book About Me!

A book about me!
A book about me!

Look what I found on Amazon.  It’s a picture book all about me.  Not free unfortunately, but not expensive either and I really enjoyed it.  It tells of how brave I am and what a great job I do of protecting all the Christmas presents each year.  Of course, I have always known I am a fantastic kitty – but this book proves it.  How nice that someone’s noticed at last!

Seriously, if you have any small children or are a big kid yourself, you’ll like this story as much as I did.  It says it’s aimed at four-year-olds but I, being a magical cat, am a few hundred years older than that and it still made me smile.  Well done authors.  Santa’s Cat gives your scribblings her seal of aproval.  And a meowy Christmas to you too.