Submarine Search for the Lost City of Atlantis – MogBus 2018

A yellow submarine full of animals going on an adventure to Atlants

This years *Jolly Day Out* #mogsub trip took us on an exciting adventure under the ocean, looking for the allusive city of Atlantis. Fortunately,  my mate Mark the Shark reckons he knows where it is and not only that but he has a map.

Disregarding the map ( as Mark is totally unreliable and a compulsive liar) we all boarded the bright yellow Mogsub in our usual  (chaotic )  manner. Our two super hero captains Super Fudge and Super Smooch, ( played with all the red buttons) confidently switched on the engine and blew the horn to let everyone know that we were ready to cast off on our ( ridiculous) trip.



Tardis Time Travel to the Gold Rush – Mogbus 2017

The #mogbus crowd took something of an unusual trip in 2017 – a journey through time!  You can read all about it below but if you’re a fellow time-traveller, maybe you’d like to see if you can find yourself first, in Goldtown of the Wild West.

To enlarge, click/tap on the image below:

Goldtown, Wild West

Here’s how the trip went…

It was a fine start to the day when @The_Tardis_Toms crash landed in a puff of steam and smoke, in their Tardis, ready to take all our twitter pals on the #GoldRush day out. We all had our gear to pan for gold, shovels, picks,Whisky pans and plenty of baked beans to keep us all regular from getting hungry.

Entering the Tardis was like stepping back in time as the Toms had redecorated the inside like a real wild west dump saloon. Before long we were drunk off on our adventure, with the hopes of finding another saloon gold in them thar hills.

As we arrived the atmosphere was smelly electric, so much so, that we could hardly contain ourselves from throwing up opening the doors before we had landed. Thanks to Puddy and his Health & Safety rubbish advice we arrived without any accidents and bored ridged keen to race off for the loo gold.

The race was off with *Karen and the Freaky ferrets* leading the race, closely followed by a drunken mob *The Mouscateers*. At the back was *DebsDonna Mogs*, crawling racing along like a slug greyhounds after a tortoise hare. Before long, The *Mouscateers* were in the lead, ready to stake their claim to the best bit of swamp land that they could find.

Most of our twitter idiots pals worked like moles, digging away like mad things bulldozers in search of gold nuggets. @Mr_Pie seemed to find huge amounts of gold, as if by magic, just after he arrived back from robbing the bank. He claims to have opened an account. with the help of a gun.

What a jolly day we all had and what a lot of fools gold we found. Yet another ridiculous wonderful #mogbus trip to forget remember. I’m dreading looking forward to next years #jollydayout as I’m sure you all are too.
#goldrush This is the gallery so far.

Zeplin to the Highland Games – MogBus 2016

In 2016, my Twitter pals and I all boarded the #MogBus and gatecrashed the Highland Games.

Mogbus Finished – Can You Find Yourself?

Finally finished the Mogbus, pals.  If you click on the picture below, it will take you to the full-sized image (which is pretty big) so that you can look for yourself.  Don’t be surprised if it takes a few secs to load… especially if you’re on a phone.

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MogBus Jolly Day Out

Thanks to everyone who sent me their pics and encouraged me as I made this.  It took a lot of time but I think it was worth it to see us all on an airborne adventure!

This adventure on an air bus was for furry friends of all kinds. Like all our adventures, it took place on Twitter, where you can find me planning other glorious adventures with my anipals.

To see pictures of all the Highland Games guests click/tap here.

The Highland Games were a one of the highlights of the year.  Contestants and guests entered as many games as they could, including some they made up themselves.  Scroll down to see them in all their sporting Scottish glory (and try not to laugh)…


Mogbus 2014 Annual Jolly Day Out to Scarborough

This year’s annual #Mogbus  trip took us to Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast. It was an early start and our driver, (HA!) Goblin, was up with the slugs birds, polishing the bus. He did us proud by cheating passing his driving test, enabling us all to have a terrifying lovely ride. The test examiners Weasal and Barnabas were so mortified impressed by his driving, that they decided to join us as they had passed out on our journey.

MogBus to Sunny Scarborough

Jaffa the conductor, collected the backhanders tickets to get on the bus and Puddy our Health and Safety bore specialist, examined the wreck bus to make sure it was safe. (Hahaha!)

“Are we there yet”? was frequently shouted at the driver, who had a few hand signals of his own that I don’t recall seeing in the Highway Code. It took a surprisingly long time to get there, dew to the number of pit stops along the way, but we did eventually arrive and an excited bus load of anipals rushed to the beach, embarrassing charming all the locals with their rude gestures delightful behaviour. Here are a few ridiculous lovely pictures for you to laugh at enjoy over a nice bottle of gin cup of tea.

Our Wonderful Postcard Gallery

Mogs to Mardi Gras – All Aboard the Airbus!

In 2015 we took to the air to invade New Orleans and liven up the Mardi Gras as only Twitter aniplas can!  #mogairbus #mogbus

The aeroplane was fun-filled inside and out, and for those of you who took the trip, here’s a snap of the cabin.  Click/tap it to enlarge:

Inside the Mogairbus

Here are our fabulous flyers – passengers, cabin crew and a few stowaways too: