Cat Craft

Santa's cat crafting with paper and scissorsAs I’m sure you know, we cats are a clever lot, brimming over with talent.  What you probably didn’t know is that when we’re not sleeping, eating, or improving your furniture with our artistic claws, we often have our minds on crafting.  We’re fantastic at design, as you can probably tell by the fact that we’re all so beautiful.  Beautiful creatures make beautiful things.

Of course, we don’t like to craft in front of you because we can see that you try your best to make nice things occasionally too, and we wouldn’t want to dent your confidence with our brilliance.  However, I and I my feline friends have decided to add a few printable crafts to this page to help you.  All based on cats of course.  Happy crafting! x

Colouring for Cats (and Kids)

As you may know, we cats are extremely beautiful and talented.  We get up to all sorts of hobbies and have all kinds of skills.  Not only that, but we turn every activity into an art form.  Below are some cat-themed colouring in pages which clever kittens might enjoy.  If you have a human child, …

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Printable Cake Wrappers

Given how easily you humans make mistakes, these wraps are bound to come in handy when you overcook your cakes.  They cover up the burnt bits nicely. More coming soon!

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Printable Cat Cupcake Wrappers

Printable cupcake wrappers with a ginger cat design.

Ah cupcakes.  Dainty, delightful and good-looking addition to any party, not unlike cats. Sadly, in spite of the time you spend making them, you don’t always decorate them as well as you could.  This is not your fault, for you are only human and luckily, the solution is right here, designed by your feline friends.  …

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Cat Envelope Crafting Templates

Envelope template with a white, green-eyed cat design

We cats love to communicate, plus we’re so beautiful that you really should consider including pictures of us on all your rather dull human stationery.  With this in mind, we have created some cat-themed envelopes for your messages.  Just print, craft and be glad you have even more gorgeous cats in your life. More coming …

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Cat Paper Chains

Printable paw print design paper chains

Celebrate your love of cats with a printable cat paper chain.  Remember, we cats are very beautiful and anything with pictures of cats on is bound to improve your rather drab human home.  The black cat paper chains are also fun for Halloween.

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