Fighting the Flab

I love Fairies, I do, I do, I do. From the top of their heads to the tip of their toes, they are delicious delightful! There are hundreds of them up here at the North Pole, fluttering about all over the place,with their little bells tinkling in a deafening pretty way. Oh how I would love to squash shine all those little bells for them.For some extraordinary reason, Santa seems to think that I chase fairies. Ha! not at all. I have taken it upon myself, to make sure that the fairies get all the help they need to keep fit and healthy, with a sensible exercise regime. They have to fly as fast as they can and I try to eat keep up with them! A fat fairy would be of no help to Santa at Christmas if she couldn’t get off the ground. There’s a lot of flying to do at that time of the year you know!

Now some folks would say there is no such thing as a fat fairy.Well there you are, my work has not been in vain, my exercise routine is working. I explained all this to the Fairy Queen, but I don’t think she really believed a word I had to say, as last week she filled my litter tray with popping candy old trout to teach me a lesson. Oh what a jolly jape! I thought we were having an earthquake. (not a very gracious thing for a Fairy Queen to do if you ask me, not without warning anyway.) You just can’t please some folk!! I am now only allowed to watch them from a distance until I mend my ways! (Whispers,that’s never going to happen!) hehehe.

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