Lovely Things

lovely-things-spied-by-catsAs well as being lovely things, cats are very good at spotting them.

Santa’s Cat is always around and about, looking for items or ideas of general loveliness.  (Why, he could be spying out things in your very own street!)  When he finds something which interests him, this is where he’ll tell you about it.

Don’t forget, if you’re a cat who has discovered something lovely, you can always drop Santa’s cat a line about it.

Colouring for Cats (and Kids)

As you may know, we cats are extremely beautiful and talented.  We get up to all sorts of hobbies and have all kinds of skills.  Not only that, but we turn every activity into an art form.  Below are some …

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Cat Colouring

For anyone with children or who, like me, is still a child at heart, I’ve decided to start a collection of cat colouring to post on this page.  Some will be public domain images I’ve come across on my travels …

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Cat-Themed Tarot Decks

Hello furry friends… I’m not particularly knowledgeable about tarot cards but I do love all things magical, for I am, of course, rather magical myself.  I also love everything with cats on.  So, for those of you who have an …

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A Book About Me!

Look what I found on Amazon.  It’s a picture book all about me.  Not free unfortunately, but not expensive either and I really enjoyed it.  It tells of how brave I am and what a great job I do …

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Fairy Certificate for Kindness to Cats!

A certificate from the fairies for kindness to catsWell now, I’ve been wondering how to kick off my first post under the topic of “Lovely Things” and I think I’ve found it.  For what could be lovelier than a certificate for kindness to cats?!  It’s free, it’s …

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