Mogbus 2014 Annual Jolly Day Out to Scarborough

This year’s annual #Mogbus  trip took us to Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast. It was an early start and our driver, (HA!) Goblin, was up with the slugs birds, polishing the bus. He did us proud by cheating passing his driving test, enabling us all to have a terrifying lovely ride. The test examiners Weasal and Barnabas were so mortified impressed by his driving, that they decided to join us as they had passed out on our journey.

MogBus to Sunny Scarborough

Jaffa the conductor, collected the backhanders tickets to get on the bus and Puddy our Health and Safety bore specialist, examined the wreck bus to make sure it was safe. (Hahaha!)

“Are we there yet”? was frequently shouted at the driver, who had a few hand signals of his own that I don’t recall seeing in the Highway Code. It took a surprisingly long time to get there, dew to the number of pit stops along the way, but we did eventually arrive and an excited bus load of anipals rushed to the beach, embarrassing charming all the locals with their rude gestures delightful behaviour. Here are a few ridiculous lovely pictures for you to laugh at enjoy over a nice bottle of gin cup of tea.

Our Wonderful Postcard Gallery

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