Every year, I and my Twitter pals have a jolly day out on the #mogbus.  So far, we’ve been to Scarborough, Blackpool, Dover-Calais, New Orleans and in the summer of 2018 we’re going in search of Atlantis on the MogSub.  Please bring your snorkels.


Submarine Search for the Lost City of Atlantis – MogBus 2018

This years *Jolly Day Out* #mogsub trip took us on an exciting adventure under the ocean, looking for the allusive city of Atlantis. Fortunately,  my mate Mark the Shark reckons he knows where it is and not only that but …

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Tardis Time Travel to the Gold Rush – Mogbus 2017

The #mogbus crowd took something of an unusual trip in 2017 – a journey through time!  You can read all about it below but if you’re a fellow time-traveller, maybe you’d like to see if you can find yourself first, …

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Zeplin to the Highland Games – MogBus 2016

In 2016, my Twitter pals and I all boarded the #MogBus and gatecrashed the Highland Games.

Mogbus Finished – Can You Find Yourself?

Finally finished the Mogbus, pals.  If you click on the picture below, it will take you to …

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Highland Games Guests – MogBus 2016

Here are the Highland Games anipals in all their glory. (To visit the main Highland Games page click here):…

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#Mogbus Progress So Far

To all my Twitter pals out there…

I’m still putting Mogbus together but thought you might like a small preview.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Click the picture to enlarge!

Mogbus So Far

If you want to join us, please DM me …

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Mogbus 2014 Annual Jolly Day Out to Scarborough

This year’s annual #Mogbus  trip took us to Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast. It was an early start and our driver, (HA!) Goblin, was up with the slugs birds, polishing the bus. He did us proud by cheating passing his …

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Mogs to Mardi Gras – All Aboard the Airbus!

In 2015 we took to the air to invade New Orleans and liven up the Mardi Gras as only Twitter aniplas can!  #mogairbus #mogbus

The aeroplane was fun-filled inside and out, and for those of you who took the trip, …

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