Pub Crawl in Australia – MogBus 2013



It has long been known, that the Australians enjoy the odd knees up bevy or two every now and then, (Ha!), so with this in mind, a pub crawl around some of the more sleazy select outback pubs was organised as the annual * Mogbusoz Jolly Day Out* trip this year. The allocated driver @DugalDownunder procured a suitable uniform for the job and looked a right idiot very professional.

The bus was transported to OZ in the Tardis, thanks to @The_Tardis_Toms and arrived at the first waterhole *Drongo’s* where a load of old drunks large number of anipals were waiting to get on board.  The atmosphere was electric as the paralytic excited passengers piled in and immediately cracked open a tinny or two and passed the nip snacks around. Before departure, Mr Pie, the Driving Test Examiner, declared the bus knackered roadworthy and Dugal passed his test with flying colours ,thanks to a large bribe. Within minuets of him throwing his L plates away, the bus vanished down the road in a cloud of dust. It was found  next day, upside down in a billabong surrounded by empty bear cans and several very fat crocodiles.