On Da Piste Ski Trip


The day was frosty and bright and all our Twitter pals elbowed their way assembled at the entrance to the  cable car. Goblin and CatWeasel entered first, causing chaos as they both had an alpine horns with them to deafen serenade the skiers on the slopes. They gave us all a rendering of their latest racket yodelling song, which was truly amazing. (HA!!)

Off we go!
Off we go!

Conductor Puddy bored us ridged read Health and Safety regulations from cover to cover, then ushered everyone  into the cars. With a little help from a cattle prod, he squeezed the last few in and safely close the doors.

Skis, picnics, snowboards and toboggans were quickly stashed away and a long rope was tied to the top of one of the cable cars for the bungee jump. Oh yes, the atmosphere was electric!

When the cable cars reached the halfway point, they came to a halt. This was the place that our well known portly feline, celebrity Mr Pie, very kindly agreed to do a bungee jump off the top of one of the gondolas.  With the help of Conductor Puddy,the ropes were attached to his legs, while the blood thirsty mob onlookers cheered him on,with the shouts of, JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! After a moment of anxious anticipation, and a change of underwear, Mr Pie launched himself into the abyss, to roars of  laughter, applauds.

Pie hitting the ground.
Pie hitting the ground.

Down, down, down, he went, until he gracefully disappeared into the snow with a loud SPLAT! It was at this point that Conductor Puddy, Health and Safety specialist, (Ha!!) first realised that the rope was not elastic and was definitely far too long. Oops!With a little help and hysterical laughter from some of his pals, Mr Pie was hauled  back up onto the top of the cable car and given a large nip brandy. It was agreed by all, that he was a cranky old mog,  jolly good sport and was presented with a gold medal  for his efforts.

The cable cars continued to struggle up the mountain and at the top, everyone rushed out trying to be the first to ski down the mountain and get to the picnic waiting for them at the side of the wine lake.

All modes of transport were used, some folks even sliding down on their tongues to enable them to consume as much butter as possible. Santa’s Cat specialises in this, as butter is her favourite thing to eat in the world, that’s why she’s fat.

The picnic was welcomed by all, for as we know outdoor pursuits can make you extremely greedy hungry, as do, snoozing, tweeting, watching the clouds go by and daydreaming. The things that most anipals like best. A good time was had by all and there was much excitement as the next adventure was planned over a few glasses of wine and a large bag of pork scratchings.

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5 Replies to “On Da Piste Ski Trip”

  1. The girls had so much fun with
    Aunties & pals making snow angels, riding Toboggan & licking butter (first time). Looking forward to more exciting trips.

  2. On da piste was so much fun and reading the account has made me start laughing all over again! Santa’s Cat takes us on great adventures! Thanks so much!!

  3. It was a jolly good outing. Lots of exercise and then lots of noms. What else could an anipal want? Sex – what’s that? Never heard of it.

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